VidAngel, ClearPlay, and the Role of Proper Christian Discernment

A week or so ago I was greeted with a humorous tweet in my Twitter feed:

While I had a good laugh at the image (even though Jar Jar Binks is hardly the worst thing that has happened to Star Wars), it got me thinking, especially after receiving a (common) response to my reply regarding my immediate thoughts about VidAngel.  (more…)


Artificial Evangelism: Why Christian Characters Fail to Connect

Picture the following scenario: 100 years into the future, you receive a strong knock on your door. Opening it, you’re presented with a man dressed in normal, futuristic attire (probably just vintage dress from the 2050’s) with a book in one hand. A moment after your greeting, the man jerks to life, thrusting out his book with both hands towards your empty palms. It takes you a moment, but after glancing at the cover of the book, you realize what’s going on, as the robot asks you in a monotone voice, “Do you have a moment to talk about our creator and savior William Gates?”


We may laugh at this image – a door-to-door evangelizing robot – but why? What’s so absurd about it?


“War Room” and the Problem of Prayer

Last week, I had the privilege of seeing Alex Kendrick’s 2015 film War Room with some friends of mine. We are all professing Christians, and we all attend the same church. For most of us in the group, this was our first time seeing War Room; it had been recommended to us through other Christians, and was praised during our Bible study that Sunday morning. In that class, the movie was described as a “two hour sermon on the power of prayer.” Everyone in our group was interested in seeing it after the high praise, and truth be told, I was too.

But not for the same reasons. (more…)

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