We’re Back – A Cross Processing Story

It has been a while, hasn’t it? A long while, actually, since the last posting here. At the risk of sounding like I’m making excuses, a great deal of personal life changes have happened to me in the past year – the major one being becoming a father to one of the most wonderful little girls this side of heaven. She currently has four months of experience outside the womb, which means she’s a third of a year old. It’s crazy to think of how time flies so quickly, especially when you’re wrapped up in the moments.

I haven’t had the time or chances to write as much as I would like to, and months ago I began thinking of ways to adapt Cross Processing to my own life changes. Since I’m the sole contributor and manager of this site, it has no choice but to change with me! It’s my hope and prayer that Cross Processing really begins to thrive in 2017, but in order to see that through, CP will be going through an evolution that will make it not only more interactive but potentially even more edifying.

The first of these changes is the most notable. Starting in late March/early April, Cross Processing will be moving into the field of podcasting. Podcasts are a media technology that is starting to blossom like never before, and I believe that Cross Processing has something unique to add to the many theology and film podcasts already in existence. I’ve been inspired by film podcasts centering around the Christian worldview such as Reel World Theology, More Than One Lesson, and The Fear of God, along with theology and apologetics podcasts such as Stand to Reason, A Clear Lens, and Cold Case Christianity. The Cross Processing podcast will likely be a mixture of all of these influences and inspirations, so if you like those kinds of podcasts, you’re in for a treat.

As far as the format goes, I’m looking to have at least three episodes a month (three “acts,” if you will, but you can use trinitarian language if you prefer). The length is to be determined – I don’t want a fixed length every episode, but I’m looking into a 45 minute range at the maximum. For one episode a month, I want to be able to express my thoughts revolving around Christianity and the arts, especially regarding the Christian film industry and culture, and the current events and issues that pertain to it. I would also love to interview various Christian apologists and ask them questions regarding film and the Christian worldview. I have a “wishlist” of folks I’d love to get on the podcast, but haven’t begun work on that front yet. (It’s best to get a sturdy content foundation beforehand!)

For the next episode I want to be able to review a film (or TV episode) and extrapolate the themes, plot points, and worldview messages that the film promotes or showcases. Podcasts such as Reel World Theology and More Than One Lesson do this very well, but my specific angle would be more apologetical in format. I hope you’ll have your Bible with you as you listen!

For the third episode of the month, my goal is to publish a live group discussion about a film with members from various Christian and church backgrounds. I’m planning on hosting “Film & Theology” events around my local area with the idea of recording the post-viewing discussions to submit to Cross Processing’s listener base. As I said before, there are many podcasts that feature film enthusiasts who subscribe to Christianity. That being said, I believe we should let all kinds of people have a say so we can better understand our brothers and sisters in Christ, edifying each other as we talk about the films we watch. I believe Cross Processing can lend itself to showcase those voices in a respectful and God-honoring manner.

Along with the podcasts, I hope to be providing more written content as well. These more than likely won’t be feature-length pieces like I’ve done in the past, but smaller, easier-to-digest articles that you can share with friends (without them telling you it was tl;dr material!).

While many podcasts tend to have either Facebook groups or open comments sections on their web pages, there are no plans for Cross Processing to have either of these options. My hope is that the content and information provided here will be shared around the internet and that conversations will take place in your own online venues. There are plenty of discussion groups out there for folks that enjoy the content that CP will be delving into, and I’d like to promote those already thriving communities instead of trying to take away from them. A list of groups I’ve found have provided excellent discussion regarding Christianity, worldview, and the cinematic arts will be posted in a separate “Community” page here, and this post will be updated with that link once the page is published. If you really want to contact me with your thoughts regarding something that was discussed on the podcast or within the pages on the blog, please feel free to send me an email, which can be found on the About>Synopsis page.

As I continue to work on the first few episodes of the new CP podcast, my reviews and brief thoughts on films I’ve recently seen can be found at my Letterboxd account. Even though I wasn’t writing here much last year, I watched quite a lot of films in 2016, which means there will be plenty to sift through in the coming years!

Lastly, thank you so much for your continued support over the hiatus, especially those who tried their best to kick my rear into gear. I’m very excited about what’s to come, and my hope and prayer is that you won’t feel the wait was in vain!