Cross Processing is a blog born from the marriage of creative storytelling and worldview veracity. Every story has a storyteller, and every storyteller has a worldview. At Cross Processing, stories told through moving pictures are analysed and discussed in-depth, focusing on the messages and worldviews presented in each film, and comparing and contrasting each with God’s Word and the saving truth of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Like most Christian movie blogs and websites, movie reviews can and will be featured. However, the majority of Cross Processing will be spotlighting an overall theme of a film or dissecting a scene or two, attempting to find truth (and falsities) that are presented to us – the audience. God, His Word, and His creation may shine through in not just “Christian” films, but in the secular works as well. This blog will be addressing not just G to PG rated films, but PG-13 and R-rated works. Author Ken Gire once stated, “I’d rather be told an R-rated truth than a G-rated lie.”  This quotation serves as a significant part of the moral framework of Cross Processing.

While the purpose of this site is to cross-examine the viewpoints and lessons given to us through our screens, along with providing resources and talking points for the movie-loving and discerning Christian, the goal of Cross Processing is to move the conversation forward, away from this particular hub and into your living rooms and discussion forums. Comments will be closed on each post in the hopes that discussions will take place throughout not only Christian congregations and small groups, but also various outlets of social media between believers and skeptics alike.

If you would like to contact this blog to sound off and give your thoughts directly, you can visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or email Cross Processing. Who knows – maybe your reflections will be addressed in a post of their own!