VidAngel, ClearPlay, and the Role of Proper Christian Discernment

A week or so ago I was greeted with a humorous tweet in my Twitter feed:

While I had a good laugh at the image (even though Jar Jar Binks is hardly the worst thing that has happened to Star Wars), it got me thinking, especially after receiving a (common) response to my reply regarding my immediate thoughts about VidAngel.  (more…)


Artificial Evangelism: Why Christian Characters Fail to Connect

Picture the following scenario: 100 years into the future, you receive a strong knock on your door. Opening it, you’re presented with a man dressed in normal, futuristic attire (probably just vintage dress from the 2050’s) with a book in one hand. A moment after your greeting, the man jerks to life, thrusting out his book with both hands towards your empty palms. It takes you a moment, but after glancing at the cover of the book, you realize what’s going on, as the robot asks you in a monotone voice, “Do you have a moment to talk about our creator and savior William Gates?”


We may laugh at this image – a door-to-door evangelizing robot – but why? What’s so absurd about it?